This blog has moved

Just a friendly reminder that i’ve moved this blog to It feels kind of strange- after almost three years of easy blogging here to move when the goal i’ve had with creating this blog- finding a new MMO home and writing about the journey- seems to be reached with an unlikely candidate. While the new site is still a work in progress, i have … Continue reading This blog has moved

It doesn't look big from the outside only.

Milestones: Level 25 in ESO and Orsinium first impressions

Reaching level 25 in ESO I’ve been a bit on the slow side in the last two weeks- with first our family being sick and then doing other stuff in the evenings, i didn’t really get into ESO much. Sure, i’ve done a quest or two here and there, but mostly, it has been about the guild group evenings on fridays. We’ve been to Elder … Continue reading Milestones: Level 25 in ESO and Orsinium first impressions


Black Desert Online name reservation

Just like Aywren, after a few reloads of the site i was able to reserve my name for the northamerican server of BDO (it seems there is only one planned in each region). I don’t really think that this name needs reserving, but doing it anyways feels like a small first step into the game. Here’s hoping that ping won’t be much of an issue when connecting … Continue reading Black Desert Online name reservation


March will be interesting: ESO, Black Desert and The Division

March is going to be exciting- first, Black Desert Online will release on the third. Then, the Thieves Guild DLC for ESO will release on the seventh. One day after, on the 8th, The Division will release. I’m excited for all three of these releases but i am still thinking about when to buy which edition of these releases, because i’ll be away the second half … Continue reading March will be interesting: ESO, Black Desert and The Division

Like that one!

TSW’s Grand Master pack: still worth it?

This is the last week the Grand Master Pack (aka lifetime subscription) will be available for The Secret World. It’s also on sale right now for 150$/€. Ironweakness, who started playing TSW just about three months ago, ponders whether the GM pack is still worth getting. He might not be the only one, so i thought i’d share my opinion. Update The Grandmaster Pack will … Continue reading TSW’s Grand Master pack: still worth it?

Where it began.

Adventures in Tamriel

I didn’t get much time to play since i last posted- nonetheless, a lot has happened in that timeframe. Heading into Cyrodiil Our small guild meets up around a loose weekly/bi-weekly schedule to do stuff together. As many of us are “time-casuals”, these meet-ups might be the only time to log in and see others being online. Before we got our first new recruits, we … Continue reading Adventures in Tamriel