2015 predictions – Elder Scrolls Online won’t go f2p

There’s a little bit of drama going on in the ESO community- Zenimax pulled the 6-month-sub-option and now only offers subs in 1- or 3- month intervals. Of course, the rumour mill is going on and there are suggestions that ESO will go f2p (possible, but unlikely) or shut down entirely (not going to happen). Zenimax stated that the 1 and 3-month options are more popular with players and therefore they removed the 6-month-option…..yeah, that’s right, i also call BS.

Look ahead

But it’s not going f2p, guys. I also believe there’s something coming up, i also believe it’s difficult to get a sub game sold to console players who already have to pay Sony/Microsoft to even be able to play online. But there’s something very few people suggested yet.

I think it’s going buy-to-play. ESO can possibly sell quite well on consoles, given that the ES games used to be hits on consoles, so why would ZOS reject that money? Console players are used to paying for their games once, so that’s not a barrier. They’ll just remove the one barrier there is- the sub.

Now i don’t know what they are going to sell- DLCs? Would be the least-intrusive style of cash shop, and i think they do care for immersion, since that’s a strong point in the single player games, as well. We’ll see, i guess….or not.

But anyway, that’s my guess: ESO’s going b2p with console launch and console launch will happen in the first half of 2015.

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