Yesterday i didn’t play. Well, this is a lie, because from 22:30 to 23:00 i couldn’t stand to refresh the Massively site, the Twitters and other stuff anymore, so i went and did something. More on that later.

Massively Overpowered

Massively overpowered - home of the Massively team
Great to have you(r) back!

When i got back, there it was: the former Massively crew took its golden yacht, sailed into the sunset and became Massively Overpowered. Here’s how to find them:

Website: Massively Overpowered

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MassivelyOP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/massivelyop

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/massivelyoverpowered

The homepage is not up yet, but we’re promised a mailing list soon(tm). Then there was talk about a kickstarter, we’ll see about that.

What we know so far

It seems the whole team is on board, when looking at the Twitter accounts. Mike and MJ will do the streams, and we know Justin and Bree will do the podcast. Let me just say that yesterday, the tables turned- i was finished with griefing and sadness and excited to know what’s coming next.

So basically, i spent my evening on Massively. I had a good laugh when i saw what their last stream was. That was very fitting- as was this comment. I let the stream open to listen, read the chat, but i didn’t see much of the game MJ was playing.

They were also friendly enough to link my two posts on the topic of the shutdown (Thank you!) and i went to read one of them again- oh well, i have to say, i’m not very satisfied with my language. I need to put in more effort to communicate more clearly. I’m afraid this post will be scribbling, again, so sorry for that.

What’s to come

First off, let me just say that i love the name. Massively Overpowered is great, because it makes use of the former page’s name while adding something that takes the attention away from that at the same time. I also like their logo and the fact that they don’t wait for a few days to “unveil” it.

They’ll need our help, though. There was talk about kickstarter, but maybe it was used as a general expression and Patreon is what we’ll get. I don’t know (yet), and i don’t really care. I will be a supporter either way, the difference will be in the amount of money i’ll give. I don’t want to overstretch it, i too have a budget, after all, but i think i’ll begin with a larger amount and settle to something that’s appropriate. The team from Blizzard Watch made it, as of this writing, they’re just north of 9000$/month- let’s give the Massively crew the same support.

The wishlist

I know it’s early, but of course i had a thought or two on how the new site could be even better than the old one, at least from my perspective. First of all, news are great and i’ve come to understand that many visitors seem to be looking for that, but i’d like to see more weight being put into the blogging/opinion/community part- experiences in game are interesting to me, as is opinion, and i liked, for instance, their “General Chat” column where they’d link to blog contents they found interesting.

Bring back Dungeon Tours! It was such a great idea from MJ, to show off dungeons in different games and play with the community. It wasn’t good to see it go, and i think it’s relatively easy to set it up again.

The excitement

And here’s my biggest wish: the authors should make more money than they earned being AOL employees. They’re taking a risk and it should pay off.  I’m hoping for a win-win: we, the readers, might be getting even better content and community, they, the creators, get more money.

I’m really looking forward to see what they come up with, i’m sure it will be great and i’m really confident it will be even better than AOLs Massively. Starting something new is exciting, so i wish Massively Overpowered all the best!

As i said, i was so excited to get the news that i had to launch a game to relax a little bit. So here’s what i did.

Minstrel boost

Lotro's elf starting area
Lotro’s elf starting area

So what did i do in the 30 minutes while waiting for the big news to come? I logged into Lotro and did something i was thinking about for quite some time- i took a minstrel on Landroval through the Intro/Tutorial zone and bought a Gift of the Valar from the store. As it happens, it’s discounted these days. Still pretty expensive if you have to spend money, but i’m a lifetime subscriber who hasn’t played in the last two years or so, so i had plenty of Turbine Points to spend.

It isn’t so much cheating, though. I already have a minstrel of level 50 on Belegaer, the german RP server and always wanted to have my main character on Landroval, since the community is more active there. But why play the same class again, to level 50? So i took a shortcut, and now i have the Beorning in the starting area and the minstrel in front of the entrance to Moria. I need to get through there, i want to see the world beyond! So if you have any suggestions on how to get through Moria very fast, let me know, please. I’m sure the design is very good, but it’s just not for me, these caves.

7 thoughts on “Overpowered

  1. ‘Great to have you(r) back!’

    Awesome stuff…

    And quickly getting through Moria…er don’t look at me, I snail through it every time…scary stuff (although weirdly I like MORIA!)

    If you ever need help, want someone at your back, send my Cappy ‘Tsudryt’ a message… mind you I play at strange times…LOL!

    1. Thanks, i’ll add you to my friends list next time i play. I’d tell you my minstrel’s name, but i don’t know it. I use the name generator and change a name i like slightly to increase the chances that it isn’t taken. But then i can’t remember them and have to look them up.

      I know it probably is a pity to “rush” through Moria, and i’d like to see it as a whole, but i don’t want to camp single questhubs for multiple sessions. As an aside, Lotro really needs mentoring. Every level-based MMO does…

      1. Oh I understand the desire to rush Moria! I normally ‘rest’ a char after I complete it…

        I wish there was a mentor system that would be awesome…

        And cappy is Tsudryt or Tsudyrt …not really sure LOL!

      1. Right now, i have two major goals in Lotro: see the world and, well, see the world. So i guess it’s actually just one goal, but quite distinctive ones: see the early world (again) and see the world after Moria. So i guess it’ll be pretty much the Minstrel and the Beorning i’ll play. Later on i’ll maybe dust off the Warden, to see the Shire again and also because i always thought it to be an interesting class.

      2. I really do like the warden too, it does get way OP later, after a bit of warden coaching by my kin leader, I realized that I needed to basically radically change my way of playing LOTRO (still need to get that gaming mouse!) and the game really flies by… but too fast really so I went back to my RK, who is super slow! I will ‘play’ with my warden again one day, but I will have explored most of LOTRO by then.

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