Yesterday, Ermina Wynne was born

So i made a new character in Final Fantasy XIV. Her name is Ermina Wynne and she’ll be starting as an Archer. I wasn’t sure where to create her- it was a tie between Cactuar and Balmung (the community-designated RP server). But since i don’t really RP, the FF14 community is quite nice everywhere and i know some bloggers play on Cactuar and generally praise this server, i went with Cactuar.

I don’t know what sense it makes to have another character in FF14, though- i am too slow as it is, and that’s with just one character. My guess is i’ll approach her differently in some way. First off, i’ll go for Bard with her- i read it’s somewhat of a support class with good dps, which seems nice. I’m curious if i will be able to mow down mobs faster than before. If/when i join a Free Company, i might change her to healer, but we’ll see about that. Then, i’ll try and keep the levels of her professions closer together. She’ll need to hit level 10 before she can start other jobs, so after the Archer is level 10 i’ll see what other jobs she’ll take to this level in Gridania before continuing the Archer line. I also think it wouldn’t be too bad to have a second combat class close to the level of her main job, if only because i can then continue the main storyline quests with different classes and thereby maybe even go faster- on my main, it’s this storyline i keep trotting through that slows down my progression on the main job.

Furthermore, sometimes i’m torn- see, joining a “german” server and/or a german guild is convenient, it’s easy. I think my english skills are ok and it comes out easily enough, but still, reading and writing in german is sometimes just more relaxing. But then, the german community is often quite….hm, passive. For example, i think Belegaer, the german RP server in Lotro, was the biggest server in Lotro before the f2p transition (for sure in europe), and yet, the community action takes place on Landroval. This is not the only reason i sometimes yearn for a more international community.

Anyway, as of now, you can also find me as Ermina Wynne on Cactuar. Would be great to meet some of you there!

6 thoughts on “Yesterday, Ermina Wynne was born

  1. Word of warning, the Support aspects of the Bard are very minimal. It’s still a “do DPS rotation” first type deal, with some utility that is basically set and forget. Not a terrible class, mind you, just not a great Bard.

    1. Thanks! I was expecting that. Newer MMORPGs aren’t really that good in the support/hybrid departement. I just don’t want to begin with Arcanist/Conjurer….again. I’ll see where it takes me.

      Also: great, looking forward to meeting you in game!

  2. I’m Aywren Sojourner there, though she’s a leveling alt I work on when I have time. Also a bard. 🙂

    You might want to see if you can hook up with the folks of Greysky Armada. Most of the bloggers who created an alt are part of that FC – it was the main reason I rolled yet another character in this game. So, there’s lot of blogger folks to hang out there. Belghast is a good person to connect with in regards to the FC.

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