Liebster Award

So, i didn’t know about this “Award”, but personally, i feel it’s a good way to get to know the persons behind the blogs better, so i’ll tag along with what seems to be some kind of chain letter and answer questions those asked who nominated me. Thanks to Liore and Ironweakness for the nominations!

So, as far as i gathered, i should answer the questions of those who nominated me, formulate 11 questions myself and pass the award on to at least 5 other bloggers (i think i saw the award on most, if not all blogs i read, so this will be a tough one).


Liore’s questions

1. What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?

It was a human warlock in WoW- i chose human because i’m pretty boring in racial choices and also because in most games, i like the look of the humans the most. Since i went into WoW without almost any knowledge, that was the main reason.

2. Would you rather have a tiny elephant as a pet, or a tiny kangaroo?

In game or RL? In RL, i’d choose the tiny elephant- while tiny, i’d expect it to retain the calmness of the original animals. A kangaroo would make me nervous. In game, though, i’d probably choose the kangaroo, because i think it would be the better companion of the two.

3. Do you overuse any figures of speech in your writing or speaking?

Yes, many of them. When i read my posts after publishing, i always want to delete all the “wells”, “furthermores” and stuff like that.

4. You can snap your fingers and visit any city in the world. Where are you?

Oh, that’s tough- there are so many places i’d like to visit, but i’d go with Vancouver, probably. It’s because at some point i wanted to go to canada to live there, then the landscape should be breathtaking in Canada and because, frankly, at this point in my life, Vancouver is far down the list of places my family will visit- so if i had the ability to go (and return from) some place alone by snapping my fingers, it’d be Vancouver. If i could take my family with me, it  would be Hangzhou, China- that’s where my wife’s family is from.

5. What was your first (real life) pet? Who is your favorite pet?

Some bird- a budgie. My favourite would be our current cat, although i also used to have two who came to us as little kittens and i was their family their whole lives. So there’s a real bond, but still- gotta care for the living.

6. You’re on a desert island and only have one album, one movie, and one book. What are they?

Music: Portishead- Live in New York

Book: Do series count? Then i would go with Steven Ericson’s Malazan series. Not because i like it so much, but because it’s long and being stranded on a desert island i might have the time and mood to really dive into it. If it can’t be a series, it would probably be some kind of survival guide- i’m not much of a camper, so i’m sure it would prove useful.

Movie: Probably The Big Lebowski, because sometimes i might need a laugh.

7. Why did you start a blog?

I started this blog, because i was sure to find an MMO home in either ArcheAge, the Repopulation or Everquest Next. When i began writing here, EQ Next had just been revealed. I wanted to write about the journey to landing in one of these games- for myself, mainly, but of course i could do that in word, so there’s some motivation to be read, as well.

Furthermore, i wanted to connect to other bloggers and MMO players in discussion, topics, comments and maybe even in game- that part still stands, while the first one seems…well, not likely. Archeage made me sceptical, but there’s also my personality to consider- i want to play a Sandbox, but i like Themeparks as well, and taking a look at my available time to play, i might be better served with Themeparks.

8. What’s your favorite video game soundtrack?

I’m not much of a video game soundtrack listener, but Tabula Rasa’s soundtrack stood out so much that i really liked listening to the music. It’s also the only vg soundtrack i do have on my harddrive.

9. Which writers have been the most influential in your own writing?

There are some. For blogging, it has to be Syp from Biobreak. I read his blog quite some time before realizing that he’s also that Massively guy. He doesn’t influence the writing style much, although i’d like to improve my writing skills at least in the direction of his, but his blog really made me want to write, myself. Biobreak has also some ties to the naming of this blog, by way of “I like this name, let’s see if there’s something available in this direction”.

Other bloggers and their blogs have influenced me in a similar way: i’m a long time reader of Syl, Killtenrats and Wilhelm Arcturus.

In the few cases i write a character’s backstory for RP, i try to take the direction (not the quality, i can’t match that) of Joe Abercrombie, because, really, first, i think RP backstories are often boring/cliché/too well-natured or too “dark”, that i want to counter that as well as the often over-used “medival” speech with some swearing and a more “grey” character.

10. What is your favorite virtual hat in any game?

I really don’t have any, so i guess it’s “hair”. I always disable the graphical option for helmets. If i had to choose one, it’d be the first you get as a human/hobbit in Lotro, it has a nice “wanderer” style.

Ironweakness’ questions

1. How did you get started blogging?

EQ Next’s reveal made me take the leap and start this blog up. I wanted to share opinions, and for the intention of this blog, it was the right time to start.

2. What ability or skillset do you most admire in others but personally lack?

Focus and the ability to finish something- i try to improve in this regard, but it’s not coming easy to me.

MMO-wise, this would be something like “stick to one game, get to levelcap and still stay” or maybe even “quit and don’t look back”.

3. You’re a long forgotten celebrity from the 80s looking to make a comeback. Which reality show do you make an appearance on and why?

That’s tough, cause i don’t know many- there’s the “jungle” one that’s quite popular in germany and…well, i think that’s all i know. There was Big Brother, as well- don’t know if it’s still running. Of these two, i’d prefer Big Brother, it seems to offer more opportunity.

4. What’s the origin of your blogging name?

Mersault is the name of the protagonist in Albert Camus’ “Stranger”, as well as “A happy death”- both novels introduced me to a philosophy i…well, what do you do with a philosophy? Agree? Well, let’s say i connected with the world view Camus’ shared in his writings. It’s also available in some variation most of the times i try to use it.

5. Which blogger would you like to meet in real life and why?

There are so many nice people in the blogosphere, i think- on the other hand, i don’t really know many of them in a way to make a decision here. Syl seems like a nice person overall, and she’s not far off, so chances are we could meet some place. J3w3l loves the comedy series Black Books, so there’s a chance we share the same type of humour. Otherwise, i think i’d go with political/philosophical bloggers that connect with my personal beliefs, but i have to confess that i don’t follow many of these types of blogs.

6. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from blogging?

Stay at it. Try to write something regularly, it is the most important thing to do in blogging in my opinion. Doesn’t matter what the topic of the blog is, one should try to post regularly. It’s not about quantity, though- once a week should be fine, better two or three times a week, but one should try to keep momentum. I lost the momentum on this blog for a while (a newborn can shift priorities somewhat around) and felt bad about it, because i like the name, the premise and the “history” it can provide to me if i continue to do this for some years.

Also, one should try and connect to other bloggers as much as time allows. Comment, tweet, link to them, it’s all good.

7. What work of fiction would you like to see made into an MMO virtual world that hasn’t been done already?

Deadwood. A Wild West MMO would be a great change- it allows for similar mechanics and world-feel as fantasy and science fiction settings, but still provide a novelty. Sure, you wouldn’t have magic, but i guess one could work around that. Deadwood’s a city in the making, everybody starts new and slowly, civilization breaks its way into the town. Still, there’s outlaws, crime, a gold rush- everything one would expect. I think it would be a great virtual world/sandbox setting!

8. What role of the holy trinity of tank/dps/healer fits your personality most?

I’ll say healer, but it’s not a perfect fit.

9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Don’t know if that counts, but i guess i’d like to be able to speak every language there is, i think this would make life easier and could also be used to help make the world a better place in some ways.

10. If you could cut and paste your favorite games into one mega-ultra-super MMO, what would it look like?

Combat: Tabula Rasa;
World: Vanguard’s openness, WoWs general design and Tabula Rasa’s “life” (control points, mobs not materializing out of air etc.)
Crafting/Loot: probably going with FFXIV here
Economy: EVE online
Class system: a combination of Rift’s soul trees and FF14’s job/class system
Housing: Open worldness of Archeage, while having “appartments” (instanced world housing), maybe like Rifts dimensions; both with the functionality of EQ2 for indoors and Archeage for Farming
Server technology: EVE online
Guild functionality: mechanics-wise, possibly EQ2, adding ESO’s possible 5 guilds

11. If you were to start up a video game company, what would you name it?

I’d name it after my favourite place in the world i know and visited: Jingci Games.
The Jingci-temple in Hangzhou, China is a buddhist temple- quite small and not really a tourist attraction- which is what makes it so great. After staying in this big city for some time, going into this temple, so close to a busy street and a tourist attraction, just oozes calm serenity and peace. I love it, not (only) for its own qualities, but because of the context it is in and how it contrasts that.

Nominations & questions

Here are my five nominations for the Liebster Award:

Jaedia from Dragons and Whimsy

Telwyn from GamingSF

Tsuhelm from, well, Tsuhelm

Shintar from SWTOR Commando

Kadomi from To Boldly Nerd


And, in case they’re following through (or even know they’re nominated), i’ll ask some questions, as well:

  1. How did you get started blogging?
  2. What’s the origin of your blogger’s name?
  3. What’s your favourite MMO character and why?
  4. What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?
  5. What’s the most fun class you ever played?
  6. If you could cut and paste your favorite games into one mega-ultra-super MMO, what would it look like?
  7. You can snap your fingers and visit any city in the world. Where are you?
  8. You’re on a desert island and only have one album, one movie, and one book. What are they?
  9. What ability or skillset do you most admire in others but personally lack?
  10. Are you a cat or dog person?
  11. You can learn one language, in addition to those you already know, in a second. What language is it going to be?

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