It’s SWTOR week

For now, i’m indulging in my fickle style of “playing” just about every (major) MMORPG there is while still trying to make progress. Double XP events like the current one in SWTOR help with that. Furthermore, i couldn’t resist the recent discounts and other sales there were: i own a stronghold, i took advantage of the offer when SWTOR released the Galactic Starfighter minigame and the most recent one giving two months subscription, Cartel Coins and the Shadow of Revan expansion. So, there’s a lot of incentive (read: spent money) to play SWTOR.

Lucky me, the double experience event lasts a week. I also have some stacks of XP potions that will allow me to further increase XP gain for about 50 hours. So there you go, reasons to play SWTOR. It’s not that i dislike the game, it’s interesting enough, but i couldn’t really connect to it before- i grow tired of the game quickly, sessions rarely last longer than an hour or two; and it’s not so easy to get immersed when you do one of these sessions once a month.

So i’m about to change that. I’m also going to take my own advice and make some decisions regarding MMORPGs- which ones to follow, which ones to drop. It’s not going to be easy, because i like all the MMOs i play, ranging from FF14, EVE, over to Lotro, SWTOR, ESO, TSW and so on. They all offer unique experiences. But since i made some recent investments in some games, i won’t be able to narrow it down as much as i’d like to just yet…so i’ll choose a setup for a week and review it afterwards. Expect the start of a new series on this blog in the coming days where you’ll be able to follow the exciting process of me trying to make tough decisions and cut down the MMOs i play to three at a time.

To make it short, for the coming week, the setup will be as follows:

Main game: Star Wars: the old republic
Side Games: The Elder Scrolls Online, EVE online

Anyways, back to SWTOR. My character, Soofoo (The Progenitor) is a republic commando of level 19. And yes, that’s my main. She just got access to the next flashpoint, Athiss. I’m looking forward to seeing it, because i really liked the group experience of the previous flashpoint. What i didn’t like was Coruscant- i found it to be too fragmented and too much playing in buildings. So Taris is an improvement in this regard.

Finally found out how to hide the UI
Finally found out how to hide the UI (ALT+Z)

So far, i’ve only been out there, questing, returning to the fleet when i saw that i had “93/100” commendations for fear i’ve capped out that currency and need to spend it soon. So i bought some equipment before heading to my Nar’Shadaa stronghold and take a look at SWTOR’s housing mechanic.

I have to say, i like the “hooks” system of housing in general. The total freedom of Rifts Dimensions and to even further extent Landmark paralyze me- yes, i could do just about everything within these systems, but mostly i don’t do anything- although i’d really like to, perhaps, build an inn of some sort. With SWTORs strongholds, i’m just going to think about what fits to my character- what would a commando specialized in healing call a home? For now, i’ve only placed a metal couch, but more will follow. I have to say the stronghold itself feels gigantic to me- there’s so many rooms to decorate, i’ll have to take a closer look and decide what to do with each room. I’ll take care of that when i enter the dungeon queue the next time and wait for it to pop up.

What’s interesting is that SWTOR now offers quite attractive side-activities that play very differently to the usual questing- housing is one, of course, another would be the crafting system, then there are the “space on rail shooter” missions which i find to be fun. Sure, they’ve been criticized for not being “free-roaming” space shooters, but they’re still a nice diversion and offer a lot of additional XP. And of course i could do some battlegrounds and get stomped. It’s not as broad in activities as FF14, but they spice up the gameplay.

I can’t tell much about the story yet, because i didn’t continue through it much yet and have forgotten about where i was when i last played. I know it’s the imperial agent’s story that gets much praise, but i tried the class and wasn’t impressed much (by the class gameplay). Still, i’m looking forward to my experience in the coming week- i’ll move things around come next friday (or thursday even- friday isn’t such a good idea, because in the evening there is the guild project and i can’t play another MMO anyways).

3 thoughts on “It’s SWTOR week

  1. Interesting, as a subscriber, the standard commendations (Not Fleet) I have up to 1000. I really have enjoyed my play time on SWTOR. I am ambivilant myself on the Trooper story…it doesnt really pick up any speed till the end of CH1 on your story questline. This weekend is x2 XP boost so that will help immensely with your progress. Now, the Trooper’s Companion Stories are a bit interesting, especially Aric Jordan’s down the road. Overall class favorite storyline is hands down the Imperial Agent in my opinion.

    I do enjoy the crafting system so far. As an armortech Ive made some pretty cool stuff even at low levels. Once you can deploy 3 crafters for both mats and crafting, it can be interesting on the reverse engineering.

    I also love to mod the adaptive or orange/purple modable gear. It get’s some pretty cool looks. The only issue I have right now are the stupid insane prices on Ebon Hawk for adaptive armor. So, I continually try for crafting schematics from my other alts.

    Which brings me to my biggest problem, I am a seriously true altiholic. Like to the point my progression is really slow because I am constantly flipping between my toons. Anyways, Enjoy the game, I know I am, and take your time exploring. Don’t rush, enjoy the ride, it’s a lot of fun!

    1. Hm, i don’t know- i’m a subscriber as well, but it showed 93/100. Maybe it’s a level or legacy dependant thing?
      As i see it, there’s nothing wrong with having lots of alts in SWTOR- after all, the game is very strong in story. The only downside i’d see is that with the consolidation of class stories, you’ll basically be doing the same on every class in the higher levels.
      So far i’m enjoying it- i’ll see if i can do Hammerpoint station or Athiss tonight.

      1. Athiss is fun, Hammerstation pretty straight forward. Perhaps you are looking at fleet comms which are in fact at 100? Basic comms which we use to upgrade modable armor should be set at 1000. If your basic comms are set at 100 I’d be getting on the horn with customer service. It won’t break your gameplay per se, but when I think of outfitting a completely modable set of armor from head to toe, that’s almost 100 Basic commendations by itself, of which I do every 5 levels or so to keep up with the challenges. Anyways, thanks so much for dropping by!

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