Taris almost done

Commander Soofoo progresses through SWTOR in a slow but steady pace. I’ve made it to level 23 by now and am finding SWTOR to be an experience similar to Lotro in some ways, but without Moria. Alas, it’s also lacking the Shire so far- i’m not impressed with the planet design. Coruscant i found to be a mess and while Taris is slightly better it still isn’t all that good. What strikes me most is the hub-to-hub quest design and the missing day/night cycle.

But there are upsides, as well. I like the pace of the game, and i like the on-rail-spaceship missions. I can relax playing SWTOR and the spaceship missions provide an activity when i can or want to only play for half an hour or something.

Taris is nice to look at
Taris is nice to look at

What did i do?

Whenever i had time for strolling through Taris, i did some quests- after a while i concentrated on the class storyline which was….ok, i guess. I don’t know, is it a spoiler if i talk briefly about it? I don’t think so, because, well, the game’s 3 years old by now and my guess is that many players have already experienced this part of the game.

So the Commando’s looking for former members of Havoc squad and finds traces of “Needles” on Taris. Soofoo went out to find him and in the end, she did. She also executed him. Needles wanted to develop a weapon out of something that could turn people into Rakghouls. Luckily, Soofoo was able to stop him…and take some probes to the general of the republic, earning her some Dark Side points. I don’t really “roleplay” her in the sense of giving her certain motivations for her actions – i always found “military roleplay” quite boring- i might do something with my Consular when her time comes, but Soofoo basically makes the choices i’d make if i were in her place.

Earning 350 Dark Side points wasn’t part of the plan, but killing a war criminal and securing a possible weapon of mass destruction at least for research seemed to be worth it.

Soofoo looking for Needles
Soofoo looking for Needles

In shorter sessions i just went about the starship missions. I know they’ve been criticized a lot for being an on-rails minigame, but in my opinion, they work just fine as a distraction and something to do when there’s less available time. I became used to logging out in Soofoo’s stronghold, since that is a resting place and provides multiple options to travel either to the fleet, the last planet we were on, the starship or the planet of the stronghold. So when i don’t have much time, starting up a space mission is a quick affair and with 2XP active, it gives quite a good amount of XP.

One night i also went ahead and queued up for a dungeon. I was surprise that it takes so long to get in, but even more surprised when i got a group for Athiss and found them to be at some other place on a map i didn’t know. I hurried to follow them, couldn’t find them, asked for help (without an answer), found a hole in the ground, jumped down in a hurry, died, tried again and when the first member of the group came into view, they vote-kicked me. For what, i don’t know. Maybe they thought i was just hanging around somewhere for the XP, maybe it was because i told them i was new. Anyway, i found that without so much as a whisper, it was an unfriendly thing to do. Once again i found myself thinking about FF14’s community (in general very nice) and how that game provides simple solutions to problems like this one: everyone stands in a circle until every player has arrived.


Right now is a good time to be in SWTOR. Granted, the 2XP event will be ending some time today, but the 12XP buff for subscribers will be activated on may 4th. I might make use of that primarily to get the Consular past Coruscant and maybe take a deeper look at the Imperial Agent’s story and others, but we’ll see about that. 12 XP is a great thing for those that have already seen all- or as much as they want- of the planets’ stories. I worry about it being too quick a progression for someone like me who wants to see the planets as well as the class stories. On the other hand it’s nice for me, as well, because it is quick progression, after all.

I'll find you, Needles!
I’ll find you, Needles!

I like my experience in the game so far, although i’m a bit worried about the variety of gameplay as well as planet design. For instance, i don’t know if crafting is a thing to follow through on, but i try and gather materials on my way from quest to quest and plan on crafting a bit to see if it’s “worth it”. The strongholds are nice, as are the space missions. If the zones would be more open and a bit better designed (have you seen WoW’s zone design? That alone is a reason to play World of Warcraft), i’d be very positive right now.

I’ll have to look for a guild, though. So far it seems as if the Progenitor’s more social guilds tend to be on the imperial side and i can’t see myself as a disciple of the empire. The most interesting classes to me are the Commando and the Jedi Consular. There are other options, of course. I could look for a german guild on one of the german servers (the german PvE server seems to be the most active server in europe) or even migrate over to NA; i don’t think the latency would be much of an issue. Timezones might.

Anyway, my experience in the game is good enough to put SWTOR on my personal “main MMO” spot for the rest of the month, at least. In may, i plan a return to FF 14 and make a push for Heavensward, but since i’ll still have subscription time left in SWTOR and the 12XP will come, SWTOR will be in my rotation at least until the end of may.

4 thoughts on “Taris almost done

  1. 12 XP is ok for me in as much when I know the class already and just want to see where storylines go. X2 xp I dont think broke anything in particular and helped me raise a new Gunslinger up to the mid levels. As to finding a guild, unless you are dedicated per se to playing, I think doing a social guild is the best fit for you, especially in light of you wanting to go back to FF14 at the end of May. It’s hard finding a guild that is helpful anymore because of guild hoppers /bank raiders/ xp boost leaches. Not to say you are any of these, but it makes the serious guilds alot more wary of newcomers. Anyways, enjoy that time and story and have fun out there!

    1. No, 2XP is nice, although i outlevelled Taris quite quick, but that’s ok.

      A social guild is a good fit for me in most cases. Unfortunately, if i were to look for a german guild…i don’t think we have that term to describe that guild. On the other hand, i’ve not yet found out how to look (google search) for an english speaking guild that doesn’t use voice chat (In german guilds, most often teamspeak is the voice chat, so these guilds call themselves “non-ts” guilds). Both could be nice. I have to confess, though, that one of my best gaming memories in relation to voice chat was with a british guild in Global Agenda. I had some hilarious evenings with them, so maybe it isn’t the voice chat’s fault that i dislike using it.

      Well, i’m kind of a guild hopper, but i don’t think it’s in the way you meant. I think i haven’t really found a good fit yet.

      Returning to FF14 wouldn’t stop me from continuing SWTOR, though, especially if i were to find a good guild. By may i’ll only shift the main focus over to FF14, whatever that means in my case.

      Thanks 🙂 For now, i’m having a good time in SWTOR. Its’ pace fits my needs very good (like Lotro) without being too boring gameplay-wise (like Lotro sometimes feels).

  2. Have you tried a flashpoint again yet? It’s terrible that your first experience went so poorly, and I wonder if it wasn’t a bad first group or perhaps a server issue. I’m on The Harbinger, an NA west coast server (even though I’m EST) and I’ve had nothing but good flashpoint runs and Warzones. I’m healing as a Scoundrel and this is the first time I’ve done that role without addons like Vuhdo or Healbot in WoW which has made it a very different experience. As a result I’ve definitely made some mistakes at let a few people die, including tanks but no one has every chastised me for it or anything, everyone’s either been silent or helpful.

    I agree that the zones are very simplistic and small in their design, even more so than FFXIV which I’ve heard people criticize for the same reason. However I think one thing FFXIV does better is have you move through a zone (and even return to old ones) in a far less linear fashion. I think why it hasn’t bothered me in SWTOR so far is because I divide my play time between instanced content– flashpoints, warzones, and GSF– and leveling through the planets. Over time I could see it being a disappointment though. Do you know if higher level zones are the same? I’ve only made it as far as Tatooine.

    1. No i haven’t tried another flashpoint yet. The queues don’t exactly pop in seconds for damage role players and then i’d need to have time to do the fp in question, so i haven’t had the time yet. I’ll give it another shot, but my guess is that a good, social guild would be very helpful in enjoying the flashpoints. Too bad SWTOR doesn’t have mentoring; that would help, as well.

      I think there’s another difference: the FFXIV zones are pretty small and you have your quest hubs, but they’re also somewhat open- the SWTOR zones i saw have been Coruscant, Taris and Nar Shaddaa. Two of those have these “islands” in the city where you quest and Taris has ruins everywhere that stand in your way almost all the time, so that you are funneled through the map. Also, in FFXIV you change zones so much that you might not realize the “tunnel style” so easily.

      I don’t know about later zones in SWTOR, though. Read opposing opinions on that.

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