It’s may – the newbie blogger initiative has started

Now here’s one of the things that makes the gaming blogging community a great place to be in: the Newbie Blogger Initiative has begun today. The NBI is a way for the game blogging community to connect, it is a great way and opportunity to start your own blog and it is there so veterans can help new bloggers by either offering advice, promoting new blogs or being a mentor on a one-on-one basis. I’ll give you a quote from the official website.

The purpose of NBI is pretty basic. We’re here to:

  1. Promote aspiring game bloggers.
  2. Establish a friendly support network to nurture those bloggers.
  3. Create an on-going community for bloggers that’s available 24/7/365

The game blogging community plays a pretty huge role in the proliferation of games. We write about the games that inspire and thrill us all while giving fellow gamers a place to go to talk about those games, build guilds and generally create communities. Those bloggers benefit from a support network such as the NBI and that’s why it’s so important to grow our presence year after year. The NBI helps make the internet a less lonely place for upstarts.

Last year i wanted to join in the action as a newbie- after all, i had lost touch with this blog, but i missed the window for private reasons. This year, i’d like to do something, so i’m going to register over there and see what i can do.

You know what’s great?

New blogs are great! Reading what new bloggers write, welcoming them in this awesome community (i’ve been on the receiving end until now; these are great people!), and having even more nice people who love gaming, maybe the MMO genre, read, write and discuss about opinions around. So if you’re thinking about starting a new blog or breathing new life into your older, inactive blog, now’s the time- head on over and join the NBIregister on the forum, read advice, participate in this months’ events and have fun!

If you’re a veteran, you can go there as well and help out.

As a side note: i just signed up as a supporter. Not sure if i really fit into that category, but it felt more correct than doing so as a newbie. But i’m still a newbie in this thing, so if some other supporter reads this, i’d appreciate hints as to how to best support the initiative.

5 thoughts on “It’s may – the newbie blogger initiative has started

  1. You would qualify as a supporter, as you mentioned already having this blog previous to the start of this year’s NBI. I have been following you for a couple of months at least and you have a large body of work. There will be some more official announcements coming soon, so keep an eye on the main site.

  2. Even with titles in play, things aren’t so rigidly defined in my mind. We all grow at different rates, for example, and confidence isn’t gained over night.

    I have definitely enjoyed reading you since adding you to my routine. I hope you keep it up for a long time, whether you feel like you are a newb or feel you are ready to support others. This whole community requires people to lean on one another, no matter the expertise, and you’ve been a great member so far!

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