Project Trinity: april’s gone, now onto may

Moving on with my plan to cut my MMORPG rotation down to three MMORPGs per month, i’ll also try and look closer at what i play. Thankfully, i’ve still got Raptr installed, tracking all games i play, so it’s easy to give the previous month a review.

It is worth mentioning that i began this project in mid-april, so forgive me if this list contains more than 4 MMORPGs (3 of my own choosing, 1 in the guild project which currently is Age of Conan). So, last month i played:

  • Star Wars: the Old republic – 14 hours
  • Age of Conan – 9 hours
  • Final Fantasy XIV – 6 hours
  • Elder Scrolls Online – 4 hours
  • Guild Wars 2 – 3 hours
  • Neverwinter – <1 hour

Adding all that together, i spent about 36 hours with playing MMORPGs in april. I like, however, how SWTOR gained the top spot here- i played it almost exclusively in the second half of april, with some FF14 thrown into the mix (all FF14 hours have occured last week).

I have to say, it seems as if Project Trinity is working out just fine for me- not only do i cut down my attention into fewer games, but i’m also more invested in them. After all, 20 of these 36 hours have been played in the second half of the month, while Age of Conan’s time was pretty much constant over the weeks, so the second half wins with about 24:12 hours over the first half of april.

I hope it will continue like that. As i’ve mentioned, this month will see Final Fantasy 14 as my main MMO and SWTOR & ESO as side dishes- to be honest, i expect to play FF14 and SWTOR for about the same amount of time and ESO to fall short to these two. The reason is simple: i have projects in FF14 and SWTOR, but not so in ESO.

After Eliot’s article on Massively Overpowered where he wrote about catching up to the expansion in time as a fresh level 50, i am so not in a hurry anymore. What he wrote about seemed to be a lot of content to do even when you reached the current cap, not all of it what i’d call engaging content- that the least it did was to assure me i’ll not be ready for the expansion when it hits. I might be able to play the new classes with release, though.

But that’s fine with me- it puts me in a place where i won’t be telling myself i’d “have to” play lots of FF14 to catch up and instead free me up to play more SWTOR where i have some plans for 12XP when it hits.

3 thoughts on “Project Trinity: april’s gone, now onto may

  1. I just wanted to say that I found your blog via a comment from IronWeakness on Bio Break and really like what I’ve seen so far! I’ve been a dedicated SWTOR player since launch and I always love to read about others (re-)discovering the game and having a good time. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Shintar! I’m glad you like it. I read your blog, as well, and to be honest, i thought about contacting you in preparation for the last “Dual Wielding” post Ironweakness and i were doing, since i know you as a dedicated SWTOR player and wanted to ask about your motivations/impressions on playing the game for the long haul. My RL schedule and general shyness prevented that, however. 😉
      I’m really looking forward to 12XP – a comment from mhorgrim here prompted me with some ideas to make use of it, even if skipping content is a strange thing to do if you haven’t experienced it before.

  2. I just wanted to say, don’t worry about “catching up” for Heavensward by Eliot’s post. Most of it either sounds more daunting or is being used so you can be at optimal for the expansion rather than what you need to be. Just follow the main quests and it will be easy to reach the minimal for what’s needed.

    But, really, most of it is simply looking larger than it actually is.

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