Short message regarding yesterday’s post

Maybe don’t post numbers. I wrote yesterday’s post because when i started this blog, i didn’t know what to expect. I mean, MMORPGs are a big topic, right? I know what to expect from a normal new blog and it isn’t much, but with this topic, i didn’t know if i’d receive visits in the tens, hundreds or thousands a month. I was thinking that maybe, sharing my viewcounts could serve as a signpost for people just starting out.

I regretted yesterday’s post almost immediately, surely after the first comments came in. It wasn’t really because people kind of disagreed, but because they made compelling arguments. And also because the exact numbers didn’t need telling- it would have been enough to post abstract numbers like “i’m receiving visitors in the two-digit-numbers”.

Also, it seems my rough draft gave the impression i care much about numbers and less about conversation. It’s the conversation i value, though, and one thing i’m trying to improve upon is commenting on other blogs.

This being the internet, my initial protectionist thought- pulling it back out- couldn’t work and it’s not the thing to do. Instead, it’s owning-up time. If you feel like i don’t value your input and instead watch visit numbers grow, i apologize, this isn’t the case but yesterday’s post could be understood that way.

While i still feel posting abstract numbers is helpful, yesterday’s post was badly written and too exact. I’d like to pretend it never happened, but it did.

So here’s why you should avoid the same mistake in posting numbers:

  • it opens a can of competetiveness we don’t need in the blogging community
  • it is easily misunderstood as caring more about numbers than the topic or the community
  • if they’re too high- and actually, you have no idea if your viewcount is high or low- they could even discourage people just starting out. Which would be the opposite effect of what the community wants to achieve in the NBI event

It’s interesting- after the talkback challenge and yesterday’s post, i didn’t really expect the latter to be the one i’d feel bad about. But i do. I feel like i did the community- and the NBI- a disservice. So once again, i apologize.

12 thoughts on “Short message regarding yesterday’s post

  1. You don’t see the full strength of your numbers. You can assign them to us indivudually, for example. That means on one side i now have the “You are number six…” conversation in my head. On the other side, i am looking forward to pictures of “seven of twentynine” or so… *g*

      1. Hmm. Sounds like you took this negatively. I am sorry for that, i just wanted to bring a little more cheer into this.

        For me personally, while i don’t have a blog, the numbers you stated would be “acceptable” and thus are kind of encouraging. The thought of hundreds of readers, on the other hand, would completely stop me from ever taking that route.

        So, while you might be sorry for it, there’s been some good in it. Don’t overstress yourself for it, worse things could happen and while i might be wrong, your numbers seem low enough to not get into a bragging rage.

      2. No, sorry, it wasn’t your comment i took negatively.
        I’m of the same opinion, by the way, and it was the premise of my post – the numbers seemed high enough to encourage and low enough to not be seen as bragging).
        It’s just that i’d do it differently now and kind of wished it didn’t happen, so i might be quite sensitive.

  2. I didn’t really see a problem with the post on numbers, there’s nothing wrong with wondering how many people view your blog, and you’re correct that as a new blogger you come into it with no concept of what to expect. If the information were available (it probably is somewhere), a peek at the average daily, weekly, monthly views across a large sample of blogs during their first year would be interesting as well.

    For new bloggers it might be helpfully to explain how to view that data and more importantly, how to interpret it. It took me a while to understand why views versus visitors was an important distinction. And I’m sure there is still more statistical information available that I’m not aware of or don’t know why it is important.

    1. Thanks!
      Well, in my opinion- today- the actual numbers didn’t need telling. We have an expression in german (“eine Hausnummer”- translated literally it’s, well, a house number) that means a number given to at least have an inkling about the dimensions we’re talking about- that would’ve been enough. But of course, writing the post with actual numbers was easier and quicker.

      Well, looking at visitor numbers of homepages is my job, actually. I have to say standard wordpress doesn’t offer much to really analyze. If you wanted to do better analysis, you’d need to use a better add-on and possibly use only excerpts on the home page and in your rss feeds…to better view click-through-rates and stuff. You’d also want to have eMail subscriptions as an option (a better one than the wp standard thingy) and do way better than i am at the moment in categorizing and tagging your posts.

  3. I am not sure I would have taken the comments quite that seriously. Like I said, I debated with myself about sharing numbers. I just happen to like numbers and statistics a lot, so eventually decided to share them on a regular basis. Plus, I have two blogs, so I get to compare numbers on my own. I think it is more a matter of talking about the numbers than being about the numbers.

  4. Sorry if i don’t respond to everyone- thanks for the encouragement. Rest assured, this post, as well as yesterday’s, was entirely my idea. Maybe the comments on the other post reinforced the doubts i had when posting, but they were there from the beginning.

    Anyways, like i said on the first post: this really is a great community.

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