So, well, today (05-17) is my birthday. This was a good oportunity to review the About-Page here on Party Business, so i did just that. Since birthdays are a good day to form some goals and look into the past, i’ll do that quickly, as well.

On this blog, i’d like to improve three things:

  • i’d like to write more “column-like” posts to add some structure. I’ve said that before, but in the past, i tried to let the gaming inspire the blogging- maybe it’s time to do it the other way round
  • connecting: i really need to comment more on others’ posts and blogs.
  • my writing: it must be painful to read for natives. I think my english is good enough, but usually, i don’t need to use it actively- as in writing, speaking and such. I watch most movies and tv-series and read books english, so if i were to watch/read something that was written in the way of this blog, it would be obvious to me that the source isn’t a native speaker. The key here is more editing- i’d like to think i could do better, but i’m lucky to get as many posts out as i do, so re-reading and editing is the part where i save the time.

There’s more in terms of blogging, though: i’d also like to get some other topics out there- like books, movies, and general life stuff. I think movies and books would fit in here, as well- i often find that people who share one interest at least tend to enjoy similar stuff in other parts of entertainment. So maybe it would be of interest to you why and how i became a Marvel fan (the word “fan” is hyperbole, but still) or why my favourite fantasy author is Joe Abercrombie, but the highlights (and darker moments) of being a dad or our next family holiday won’t interest anyone who’s visiting here for the MMO stuff.

I think i’ll end up occasionally talking about movies/series/books here and keeping the private stuff to me.

6 thoughts on “37

  1. Happy birthday to you! You’re the same age as me, and we have a birthday in the same month (mine was May 9)! 😀

    I didn’t realize that English wasn’t your first language because you write so well! (I really should stop and read more “about” pages, but I’m always getting caught up in reading posts!)

    1. Thanks! And Happy birthday to you, too! I think if we were to find out the age of those blogging about MMORPGs, we’d be surprised- i really think the audience has moved to the 30+ area.

      Thanks for the compliment on the language.

  2. I also think that you’re being too hard on your English! Obviously I’m not a native speaker myself so I’m not the best judge, but as part of my day job I translate English texts into German for a website, and I’ve seen some native English speakers – who get paid to write no less – produce some true abominations. All I’m saying is that being a native is not all it’s cracked up to be. 😉

  3. Happy birthday! I’m going to agree with everyone else, had I not known already I’m not sure I would have guessed English was a second language for you when I first started reading your blog. Now, you should still aspire to do better, we all should, but your English easily passes as native.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what columns you come up with. I like that kind of structure myself but it can be difficult to stick with it. That’s been the nice thing about writing a column together, it provides added accountability for keeping up with it and the end result is worth it!

  4. Happy Late Birthday. Still trying to work down my Feedly and just came across this. You’re English looks pretty good to me.

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