Friday Quick Notes

This Blog

I think that i’ve found the right Theme to go with on this blog, so i’m going to start building up the “features” here. Overall, i’d like to:

  • make the Home Page more appealing and more magazine-like. I’ve begun doing this, but right now it seems a bit pointless, of course, as i’ve only published 6 posts for now. With more posts being online, there will come more customization- i’ll simply have to figure it out on the fly
  • publish, publish and publish. I’m not going to import my posts from the old blog- i’ll just leave it as it is and start building up here. Therefore, i’d like to write and publish more to build a solid base of posts.
  • build a character page instead of the current Group Up – page
  • build a separate contact page
  • create a real menu to allow easy navigation through the page
  • venture into different topics: books, movies, tv-series, maybe even life. This site isn’t just about MMORPGs anymore. I’ll see if i can figure out a way for readers to opt in (or out) of certain topics; maybe by providing categorized feeds. Right now, there’s not much happening on that front- while i’m watching and reading something, i’ll have to wait to write something about it.



Elder Scrolls Online

I still need to “finish” Grahtwood. The Quest Achievement is done, now i’ll go and look for Caves, Skyshards and maybe Bosses. Tonight we’ll be heading to Rkindaleft, one of two open-world shared dungeons in Wrothgar.

There are also plans for two additional characters (maybe three): i’d like to try and build a Templar that is mainly DPS, but also somewhat capable of tanking and healing- a true hybrid reminiscient of the gameplay-feeling i had playing a Druid <level 30 in early WoW. This idea was inspired by Xannziee’s post about her favourite character. The other one i’m trying to create is a leech healer, possibly a Nightblade. I’m still trying to figure out the details- do i change things up a bit by laying them in another alliance since grouping between alliances will become easier in Thieves Guild? Or do i go all-in for the Aldmeri Dominion; to be able to enter Cyrodiil at will with my guildies?

The third character will be a Dragonknight- i’m still trying to figure out what kind of build i’d like- the only thing i really know is that i want to have one character in each armor type- light, medium, heavy. I guess my Templar “Battle Priest” / “Cleric” will become Heavy, advisable or not- the Leech Healer / Blood Mage will wear Light Armor and the Dragonknight will come in Medium Armor.

And why would i want more characters? Mostly because of the crafting, to be honest. I think that 2 or 3 crafting professions per character are a good amount for casual players, to avoid crafting slowing me down even more, but also because i’d like to experiment a bit and see what the other classes can do. In the end, i’ll also want to create a Sorcerer, but deciding for a direction there is even harder.


The Secret World

Speaking of Leech Healers- i’ll build one in TSW, too. I think one of my characters has begun to take that direction anyway, and she’s early in the game. I’ve tried it two more times, but i can’t seem to get into my former main anymore- it’s been so long that i feel lost whenever i log her in. But i’d like to play TSW again, mainly as a solo venture, and i’ve found it frustrating to try and find my way with the main. I’ll take a casual approach here, but i do want TSW to become a regular game i play.


Black Desert Online

The CBT2 is underway and i was able to create a character and log into one of the channels and see the very first steps in the game. It’s too early to form an opinion, of course. For now, i was surprised that there are “channels” to choose from- what do i have to do in order to find the friends i’d like to play it with? Do we have to choose one channel or are players able to interact regardless?

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall

The best city-builder out there has just released a new expansion- Snowfall. There’s new weather effects in old map types (rain, fog), there are Trams now and there are “winter zones”. All in all, it looks like a good update and i’ll buy in as soon as i get the urge to build a city again.

Other Media

A quick overview about things i’m watching/reading right now:

  • picked up watching The Walking Dead again- i think we haven’t watched since our son was born, so we’re way back in Season 4 right now. I like it so far, but i’ve found some slower episode in the middle of the season quite boring, actually. I’ll write up more about that when we’ve finished the season.
  • watched Mad Max: Fury Road and actually don’t want to waste too much time on it to write a review- i’d rate it 6/10…maybe. I did like the action…somewhat, but it all seemed a bit shallow for my taste.
  • i’m currently reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan and like it very much. Thing is, i don’t get much reading-time in nowadays, especially if it’s a real-paper-book, so it’s slow going. Here’s the blurb: “The Great Recession has shuffled Clay Jannon away from life as a San Francisco web-design drone and into the aisles of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. But after a few days on the job, Clay discovers that the store is more curious than either its name or its gnomic owner might suggest. The bookstore’s secrets extend far beyond its walls.”
  • i find much more time listening to stuff. I finished listening to The three-body problem by Liu Cixin – it’s chinese sci-fi where humans find out that another civilization is on its way to conquer earth- but it’ll take them 400 years to get here. I’d give this a general 7/10 and a genre-related 9/10, it was interesting to listen to and i’m very much looking forward to listen to The Dark Forest as soon as i can.

3 thoughts on “Friday Quick Notes

  1. The website seems to be shaping up really well. I tend to read websites on my mobile phone more than an actual PC and I would recommend you check out how the homepage appears on both (if you aren’t already) not necessarily adjust for one or the other but just so that you are aware of the differences. I didn’t really get the magazine feel until just now when I added it to my favorites on my laptop but now I see exactly what you’re talking about. I think it looks great.

    I really hope you post a “first impressions’ of the Black Desert beta at some point, or at least something along those lines after launch. I think it’s going to be one of those games that take several days or weeks of play to really have sense of what its strengths and weaknesses are. For me, if it doesn’t work out long term I am seriously considering ESO as my secondary MMO again, especially seeing how much you are enjoying it.

    I don’t really want to invest in the DLC right now (the TSW grandmaster pack and BDO pre-order are hopefully my only major gaming purchases for the year) but there’s at least enough in the base game that I’m sure I’d be happy there for a while. Like you’ve said in other posts though, the advantage to the new zones is that they would allow me to group with anyone and everyone which would help with social ties, something I’m sorely lacking and that ESO seems to be really trying to promote.

    1. Thanks for both of your comments- it’s late here and i really need to go to bed, so i’ll probably revisit them both tomorrow.
      Regarding ESO- it’s great and you can play it for free, since you already own it. The level scaling will get better in the coming updates, at least that was hinted at- when Veteran Ranks get removed, i think in the Q2 DLC/Update, the other alliances’ zones will be basically like that- you can switch around and play them in any order you’d like- at least that was my understanding.
      Anyway, ESO is huge- if i had to guess, and that was a number stated when the game released, i think every alliance offers 100 hours of game time. So that’s 300 hours…i don’t know about you, but that would take me quite some time.

    2. Regarding the site- i actually like how it looks on my smartphone- it reminds me of the second-to-last theme i used on the old blog- the one with the big pictures for posts. I’m still in the early stages of playing around with some features the theme offers; after that, i’ll look into plugins and how to implement a good Blogroll. I follow a lot of MMO blogs, so a simple list probably won’t do- and that other plugin many seem to use is three years old. Right now i also see that the footer obscures the send-button for comments- i’ll have to look into that.

      With the CBT2 of Black Desert i’m not so sure when to put in some time again- i reserve saturday evenings for some time with my wife- we’ll probably continue watching The Walking Dead tonight. Tomorrow, i have an appointment to play some Rocket League with two friends, so it’s possible i won’t look into BDO anymore this weekend. But so far, i share your views, especially on story and quests- it seems to me as if quests in BDO serve roughly the same purpose as they did in ArcheAge: to introduce game features and cover up mob grind a bit. In the character editor, i missed a “randomize” option, to get away from the standard look and then make smaller adjustments.

      On ESO, see above. I can only say that ESO wasn’t really on my shortlist anymore, but i’m so happy we decided to venture in- as Xannzie said in one of her tweets- it fits like a glove. The pacing, the options, the business model, character development, it’s all-around game design i like. And i’m also quite happy with the world design- the size is good, it’s actually quite open and it’s interesting to explore.

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