Monday Quick Notes: Dual Wielding LFG, new chars in Elder Scrolls Online

Dual Wielding LFG edition

This was so much fun. I love writing in coop-mode with Ironweakness, so having three others join us made this whole thing even more fun. Of course, reading my own entry now feels as if i…overshot a bit. The others kept their posts shorter and more on point, while my mind wandered- as it tends to do. I feel like i still didn’t mention everything this topic has to offer so maybe there’ll be follow-ups.

I really hope we’ll do that again- maybe with others, the same people or even simply more, but we’ll see. This exercise alone made me think about the possibilities of multi-blogger sites and/or a Discord channel for bloggers. This connection to others is what makes blogging so great at times- and it’s one reason for me not to blog in my native tongue.

I actually tried to find german bloggers writing in german, but all i found were quite old entries. This is strange, though, because i think germany is the biggest MMO market in europe. The only “private blogger” i know of is a new guildie, but i haven’t given up yet. So if you’re reading this and maintain a german mmo blog, tell me about it in the comments, please.

Elder Scrolls Online

Tempest Island

We formed a guild group for a random dungeon again. Thankfully it didn’t take the dungeon finder tool 40 minutes to get it started and we were lucky to find us in Tempest Island, the group dungeon of Malabal Tor- so actually not one of the more sophisticated. I wasn’t tanking this time, so things went a lot better than in our first run. We were still having some trouble and i really have to improve my skills in dungeon-delving, because more often than not, it was me lying in the dirt.

Nuria needed a drink after this.
Nuria needed a drink after this.

Tempest Island centers around the Maomer once again trying to summon storms and bring chaos into Aldmeri Dominion lands. The dungeon design in ESO is impressive- they’re vast, many times contain indoor areas as well as the outdoors, and they’re atmospherically dense. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

It became clear, however, that i need to look into my Templar build- something’s not working there. I’ll probably develop Nuria into a full-blown Magicka Templar.

More characters

I have quite a few characters in the pipeline:

  • Nightblade Blood Mage / Leech Healer – i love the idea of leech healing. Or healing by doing damage- it’s the ultimate dps/heal hybrid. I need one for our guild’s leveling group in the Daggerfall Covenant and i’ll probably create another one for me
  • Dragon Knight Tank – i don’t like tanking, but if we’re going to do dungeons in our guild, i’d like to be able to provide us with a tank
  • another Templar – depending on how i change Nuria

In the end, i’d like to have one character for each armor class, be able to tank, dps and heal, do all the crafts and have lots of combat variety (stamina/magicka/melee/ranged etc.). I still have the goal of getting the Dragon Knight to 15 this month- it’s not too late to achieve that. Other than that, my DC Nightblade needs to go to level 8 in the next two weeks.

The Guild

Weekly update here, as i’ve seen there’s some interest. Granted, i don’t do the topic of guild management much justice by always making it part of my Monday’s posts only, and i’d like to do more, but not as much has changed regarding our current goals compare to what wrote last time.

What’s changing, though, is that activity is picking up within the guild. We were joined by three new people in april, with all three looking to be very good fits. I’m especially happy that we were joined by Everskies, who even picked up blogging again. Our planned activities of doing Cyrodiil PvE achievements and leveling characters in DC will start in the next couple of weeks, attendance of events and of simply “being online” at night is rising and we now also have secured access to the guild bank- which means, even if we seperate ways with “inactives”, we’ll be more than 10 accounts in the guild.

So, it’s an exciting time- the guild project is picking up steam and getting shaped now.

4 thoughts on “Monday Quick Notes: Dual Wielding LFG, new chars in Elder Scrolls Online

  1. I’d be quite curious about anyone blogging about MMORPGs in German as well… I think all the specialised terms we use when talking about this genre make it even harder to cross the “language barrier” than in normal conversation though. For example my own brother plays SWTOR on a German server and whenever I try to have a conversation about the game with him, my brain has to do overtime to even understand or form a simple sentence, lol. (What is this class called in German? What do they call dungeons in German? Downing a boss? German players tend to call all alts twinks, while twinks or something else again in English… it goes on and on.)

    1. The funny thing is that the jargon is basically the same. I even googled it: . This makes it even more difficult to find anything, because if you try and find something like “MMO blog deutsch” via Google/Bing (or select german as the language of content), most of the results will be something along the lines of “top browsergames” or “top free games”- this goes on to page 3, at least.

      Once upon a time, there was Jarlskor – – but it hasn’t been updated since 2014, and there aren’t many comments and no blogroll there.
      I mean, there must be some, at least?!? Or have they been scared off by the TMG? All you’d really have to find would be one blog with a good blogroll or some comments to have a lead, at least. When i went looking and found nothing, it actually made me a bit sad.

      1. I decided early on that English was the way forward, both because fun for me and also more international range. 🙂 And if my MMO experience is any indication, Europe’s biggest MMO countries are the Scandinavians and the UK? At least there’s always a ton more English EU servers than dedicated french/german and my own guilds were always populated by said players the most. Most Germans I know don’t want to speak English so much in MMOs, heh.

        And dual-wielding was great, thanks again! I read everything and didn’t think yours was too long at all, just a lot more complete than mine. 😀

      2. Range is not the issue for me, at least not now and not here. But community is. Getting some comments, hopefully some day commenting on others’ blogs, Dual Wielding, and all this other stuff that happens in the english blogging community. Writing in german, as far as i can see it right now, would be like speaking to yourself. And that’s disregarding page views, which i am sure could be achieved in german, as well.

        The english/international EU servers cover more people. And if you select the international servers for your characters, it is to be expected that there are more scandinavians/UK people than german. I have to confess, though, when i looked for info on this, i couldn’t find anything covering the EU MMO market. I did find information regarding the gaming market, though, and germany was named the biggest market in europe. In regards to MMOs, in 2013 germany was a fast growing market (with +57% in revenue). That’s what i found- please don’t ask me to link it 😉

        As for german players not wanting to write/speak english, unfortunately, that is my experience too. If it weren’t, our guild would be international. I would surely prefer it. I’m happy to be in an MMO where i can join 5 guilds- sooner or later i’ll join something international, as well. Still looking for a good fit, though.

        Thank you for being a part of the Dual Wielding LFG edition!

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