Hello and welcome to Party Business, a blog about MMORPGs in general, my experiences in those i play, my opinions on various matters of MMORPG-related topics and you can join me in my quest for a new home-MMO.

I’m Kunzay/ P. Mersault, 37 years old and from germany. This will mark my first attempt in english blogging. I thought the beginning of august (2013) would be a good time to start a new blog, since we’ll get some information about one of my candidates for next-MMO-home soon.

Since i’m married and have a 2-year old son, my gaming time is limited. After one of the three possible new MMO homes proved to be disappointing, i sort of gave up hoping for an MMO home in the close future. To come as close to that feeling as possible, i currently restrict myself to three MMORPGs a month- one “main” MMO, which should get most of my playtime and two side MMOs, added for a little spice and variety. You can read about all that in the “Project Trinity” category. I’ll allow myself to switch the side MMOs on a monthly basis, the “main” one stays for three months and has to become a side MMO for a month afterwards before dropping out of the rotation. The “new” main MMO also has to move up from being a “side MMO”.

Other than that, i do a weekly project in the multigaming guild i’m part of: we play different titles for a given time together and switch games every 3 months. Right now, we’re in Age of Conan. The “playing in group” thing is great- it builds a sense of community and we get to know each others. Unfortunately, i think AoC is a very bad fit for a group like us.

I’m also doing a biweekly thing with Ironweakness called “Dual Wielding“- it’s basically a post about the same topic from two perspectives, published simultaneously. Now this has been great fun so far- please check out his writings and if you want to, take a look at my Dual Wielding category, as well.

In the meantime, i’m looking forward to The Repopulation and Everquest Next, maybe some other candidates, as well. I’d really like to find an MMO-home, so this blog might in the end be about the journey to settle. We’ll see. For now, i’m really happy with the “Project Trinity” way of doing things- it allows variety while still being somewhat rooted.

This blog is titled Party Business in a nod to a sign in front of Bilbo Baggin’s house in the Lord of the Rings movies, and also to invite you to comment, participate or contact me in game. I’m always thankful for additions on my friendslist. And also, surprisingly, this name was still available.



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    1. Your comment reminds me- i need to update this page. I try to get a post out when he’s taking his nap. As for gaming, yes, it isn’t at the place i’d liked it to be- in one game, with one guild. When this game is an MMO, one should be enough. Alas, as of right now, i seem to be unable to stick with only one- which would be good both in terms of gaming and blogging, as well. Haven’t lost hope, though 😉

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