Backpacker: Postcards from Grahtwood

I’m still chugging along in Elder Scrolls Online and having a great time. This game offers so much in terms of story, lore, atmosphere as well as gameplay experience and interesting mechanics. What gets me more and more are, in fact, the “little stories” in side quests and sometimes the bigger ecperiences while playing. It can actually take 1 or 2 sessions for me just … Continue reading Backpacker: Postcards from Grahtwood

Backpacker: from Duillond to Bree

Lord of the Rings Online has almost never been my main game, but since it was released, it has always been my “comfort game”- the game i’d return to, if other games weren’t as good as i thought or something else came up. I really like Lord of the Rings for many different reasons- the atmosphere, the landscape-design, middle-earth (of course) and the very relaxing … Continue reading Backpacker: from Duillond to Bree

Backpacker: World of Warcraft’s Teldrassil

World of Warcraft has a few qualities, which shouldn’t be surprising since it’s still the most played MMORPG out there. For me, two are very noticeable- the fluid gameplay/combat/movement and the second one, the world/zone building. It’s not only the graphics and Blizzards ability to get the most out of their decade-old-engine that WoW still looks good- it’s because of the zone design. So i … Continue reading Backpacker: World of Warcraft’s Teldrassil

Backpacker: Trove, the MMO concentrate

OK, i’ll just come out and admit it: Trove is really, really fun. Since playing the other night, it’s the only game i launch- mainly, because goals are forming up. Where i was wandering around aimlessly earlier, slowly i gain insight in the game mechanics, the crafting and the goals you can set yourself. This is also the first installment of my Project-Trinity-copout-column, the Backpacker. … Continue reading Backpacker: Trove, the MMO concentrate