Outlevelling content in ESO

I try to find a way to see when it’s time to move to the next zone in Elder Scrolls Online by fulfilling achievements, with the goal to keep outlevelling in check and leave something in the zones to visit them later on and gain Champion Points. Continue reading Outlevelling content in ESO


Milestones: Level 25 in ESO and Orsinium first impressions

Reaching level 25 in ESO I’ve been a bit on the slow side in the last two weeks- with first our family being sick and then doing other stuff in the evenings, i didn’t really get into ESO much. Sure, i’ve done a quest or two here and there, but mostly, it has been about the guild group evenings on fridays. We’ve been to Elder … Continue reading Milestones: Level 25 in ESO and Orsinium first impressions

Meet Nuria Solstrum

…the Nord fighting for Queen Ayrenn in the Aldmeri Dominion. I’m still working/thinking about in-character details. To be honest, i’m not really much of a roleplayer, although the concept intrigues me and i might link up with a german roleplaying community in Elder Scrolls Online. Sooner or later, i’m going to need to find an explanation for a Nord fighting for the Dominion. Well, a … Continue reading Meet Nuria Solstrum

Elder Scrolls Online: why i’m confident

They don’t care about us I remember back before launch, the Massively-that-was staff was quite bemused that Zenimax didn’t go and seek out MMO players. They didn’t even want to call the game an MMORPG, instead, they pushed the thought of CRPG a bit, although we all knew what it was going to be. While marketing tactics are one thing, i think not listening to … Continue reading Elder Scrolls Online: why i’m confident

Project Trinity: calling it quits in august

I’m late on the whole Blaugust thing, so i think that ship has sailed, although i might be looking into how it works and maybe join the ranks because participating might be fun. I’ve been away for the last three weeks, at a place where i couldn’t read my mail, use Twitter in a meaningful way and read/write WordPress blogs. No, i haven’t been to … Continue reading Project Trinity: calling it quits in august