Friday quick notes

There’s a new layout for the blog and i’m looking for ways to customize it some more. My return to The Secret World was a bit confusing and Nuria killed a few Vampires in Elder Scrolls Online. Continue reading Friday quick notes


March will be interesting: ESO, Black Desert and The Division

March is going to be exciting- first, Black Desert Online will release on the third. Then, the Thieves Guild DLC for ESO will release on the seventh. One day after, on the 8th, The Division will release. I’m excited for all three of these releases but i am still thinking about when to buy which edition of these releases, because i’ll be away the second half … Continue reading March will be interesting: ESO, Black Desert and The Division

Meet Nuria Solstrum

…the Nord fighting for Queen Ayrenn in the Aldmeri Dominion. I’m still working/thinking about in-character details. To be honest, i’m not really much of a roleplayer, although the concept intrigues me and i might link up with a german roleplaying community in Elder Scrolls Online. Sooner or later, i’m going to need to find an explanation for a Nord fighting for the Dominion. Well, a … Continue reading Meet Nuria Solstrum

Why i’ll take a look at Blade and Soul

…and why i probably won’t play it as an MMORPG. The Beta experience I’ve played B&S on one of those CBT weekends and made my way through the introduction before i logged out. So i don’t have much experience with the game, but i’m really getting tired to spoil the fun i might have on release with playing a game a lot before. Blade and … Continue reading Why i’ll take a look at Blade and Soul

The other resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to take a look at the rest of my gaming-related resolutions for 2016. Keeping a budget This sounds similar to what i posted last year- as will some other resolutions further down this post- and i failed to achieve most of them. But that’s all the more reason to try again. We all know this by now, but free-to-play … Continue reading The other resolutions for 2016


So, well, today (05-17) is my birthday. This was a good oportunity to review the About-Page here on Party Business, so i did just that. Since birthdays are a good day to form some goals and look into the past, i’ll do that quickly, as well. On this blog, i’d like to improve three things: i’d like to write more “column-like” posts to add some structure. … Continue reading 37