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This blog has moved

Just a friendly reminder that i’ve moved this blog to

It feels kind of strange- after almost three years of easy blogging here to move when the goal i’ve had with creating this blog- finding a new MMO home and writing about the journey- seems to be reached with an unlikely candidate. While the new site is still a work in progress, i have to say it feels like a good move- the longer i would’ve stayed here, the more difficult that move would have become.

I’d be happy to meet you all again, over there.

Friday Quick Notes: hang in there

This blog

It all started last week when i changed my blog template. I liked it quite a bit, but the menu was not what i desired it to be. Tucked away, having difficulties with longer entries like the blogroll or the old categories- that’s not what i want. This is a blog, and for what it’s worth, it is part of a bigger community of other blogs and sites- so having the Blogroll hidden away is not a good thing. Last week, i also began to think about self-hosting. Setting up a WordPress blog on my own domain is nothing to be worried about and there’s the possibility that i can play around with my space a whole lot more than i can here at Also, there’s almost no cost coming with this move- i’d need a domain, that’s it. I already have a hosting package, so it would cost me, say, 15$ a year to set up my own domain and WordPress site.

While writing this post, i decided to go ahead and move over to, so that’s where you’ll find me from now on.

For me, it comes down to ownership. Lately, i’ve been thinking about doing something “more” with this space. It isn’t really about wanting to write more, but possibly from a wider range of topics. You know, like movies, tv-series, (audio-)books, maybe even personal stuff. I haven’t got a clear picture yet on how to do it- because, if you’re reading my writings here, you’ll be mostly interested in MMO stuff, anyway. I don’t want to clutter your MMO – feed section with movie posts, so i might need to find a way around thatand i don’t think multiple blogs would be the best solution for me.

I also want more customization- as you can see if you visit this site, i changed templates again. I’ve found a widget that displays posts i “liked” and that’s nice, but i’d like my space to be more personal on the whole. In the end, what might come out of it could become more like a website than a simple blog. I can’t do something like that here on, not with the amount of freedom i want.

Growing pains

So the export/import wasn’t as easy as it should be- posts, comments etc. went onto the new site just as expected, but the images didn’t. So now there are 150 posts with all image references going over to this site. I talked with my hosting company and i think it will work better come tomorrow.

Also, of course i was working and importing everything- some of you might have received new pingbacks or something….well, i hope i won’t trouble you much.

Thinking about it, i think i’ll begin with a clean slate. I mean, DocHoliday did it, why shouldn’t i? Well, i’ve got some time to think about it, still. The image transfer won’t work until tomorrow, anyway, and i won’t manually import all these images.