This week in /saved

This week felt quiet to me. I don’t know, maybe i just missed important blog posts or wasn’t reading with very much attention, but while a lot of things happened, like the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 expansion and Massively’s possible shutdown, i haven’t saved a lot of postings.

Guild Wars 2 expansion

I saved Syp’s assessment of the reveal. As usual, Wilhelm Arcturus also provided a great write-up on the topic and is friendly enough to link to all the other posts he found.

Massively’s possible closure

Really, i would have thought that this would be a bigger topic on the blogs i frequent. I found a couple of posts, but not nearly as many as i’d thought there were.

I got the news via EQ2wire’s Feldon. There are some great posts by J3w3l, Belghast, Roger Edwards and Moxie.

I think these posts show just how important that site is for bloggers in this genre.

Edit: by the way, i think it might be today that we’ll get the news about the shutdown. And from something i read, it won’t be all dark- there was some hope to be found in the comments section of the last Leaderboard column.

Other topics

I loved reading And What about another Middle Earth? by Wilhelm Arcturus- i agree to what he’s writing there, but more than that, i think it is a great write-up that maybe Lotro hasn’t failed as much as some people might believe and other topics.

2 thoughts on “This week in /saved

    1. Hey, thanks 🙂 I enjoy reading yours, as well. BTW, your Albion post of today is already /saved. Looking forward to reading that, as i was/am kind of tempted. But it still has some time before release.

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