Massively Overpowered on Kickstarter

Massively overpowered - home of the Massively team

So, there we are. If you want to help the Massively team in their adventure to create Massively Overpowered, head over to their Kickstarter site and give them some love money. Or else, just share this page where it might make a difference.

A quick note: i think their approach to using Kickstarter, Patreon and Ads will work in their favor. It’s a very smart way to set this up, building up security first and continuity second. My guess is that the Patreon campaign will not be as successful as the BlizzardWatch patreon, but to be honest, i’m very curious about how the Patreon-only campaign of BlizzardWatch will work out in 6 months or so (i hope they’ll be fine, though). That is, in part, because i think people are going to shell out a considerable amount of money in the Kickstarter Campaign and might be a little more frugal when the patreon comes. Or maybe there’ll be just different people, we’ll see.

Anyway, i think the way the Massively team is doing this is a good one.

Massively Overpowered -- Kicktraq Mini

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