Joining the #blaugustreborn party

So Blaugust reborn is happening and ever since reading the announcement I thought about whether- and how I’d be able to join. See, if nothing else, this is the time to try and get back into the blogging groove. I won’t even try to post every day, instead, I’m aiming for a sustainable pace of putting stuff here in the hopes of keeping it after the event ends.

Why here?

I’ve been selfhosted for a while, but there are two reasons why I wanted to change that.

  • my own domain uses a handle I don’t use anymore- I’m Feng now, Mersault is gone 😉
  • selfhosting is distracting. Plugins, themes and so on- there’s so much going on besides writing, which is time-consuming as it is

The one thing that stopped me short is this blog’s title- “Party Business”. When I created this blog, I was thinking about Bilbo Baggin’s front door- with that sign “Party Business only”.


Ah, the language traps non-native speakers fall in. See, I was thinking “Party”, as in, well, MMO dungeon party, tabletop party. Not one with funny hats and stuff. But of course Bilbo wanted a birthday party- the whole other stuff was basically a dungeon finder PUG.

So I don’t know if it makes sense to maintain a MMO/gaming- centered blog under that name, but it’s mine, anyway- and it kind of makes sense. Right? Right?

I’ve imported the posts from the selfhosted blog here which worked just fine, except the pictures are still fetched from there despite having been imported here, as well. I’ll have to look into that.


First things first- my goal is to publish something on tuesdays and fridays- and to get back into the habit of blogging here. I’ll have to look into a theme I like and ways to publish- I do like the concept of excerpts on the front page, so I’ll probably make use of them while giving rss readers whole articles.

Then I’ll have to clean up categories, tags and stuff, as I’ve handled them wildly different on the previous iteration of Party Business and “the Hybrid Journal”. And then, I guess, I am ready to go.

I don’t know yet whether paying for the wordpress blog actually gets me the money’s worth. I mean, selfhosting is cheaper, but on the other hand…ah, here I go again. Writing first!

Why do it?

Sharing excitement over a hobby with other people who are equally excited about it is a joy in itself. If you ask me (you don’t, but fear not, I won’t go into details), the world has gone to shit in the last couple of years, and having enjoyable stuff in common with others, sharing positivity, or being positive at all, is becoming quite a rare occurence.


Ah yes, this should be about games, right? So right now, gaming wise, there is Elder Scrolls Online, my guild, a bit of Conan Exiles and potential interest in upcoming games like Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Anthem. But I’ll probably get sidetracked all the time, because that’s just how I am. This weekend, for instance, I’d like to take a look at Endless Space 2, which is free to play this weekend. Might make a good topic for tuesday’s post.

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