Outlevelling content in ESO

I try to find a way to see when it’s time to move to the next zone in Elder Scrolls Online by fulfilling achievements, with the goal to keep outlevelling in check and leave something in the zones to visit them later on and gain Champion Points. Continue reading Outlevelling content in ESO


Black Desert Online name reservation

Just like Aywren, after a few reloads of the site i was able to reserve my name for the northamerican server of BDO (it seems there is only one planned in each region). I don’t really think that this name needs reserving, but doing it anyways feels like a small first step into the game. Here’s hoping that ping won’t be much of an issue when connecting … Continue reading Black Desert Online name reservation

One less expansion to worry about

The pre-purchase for Guild Wars 2’s expansion Heart of Thorns is available now. There’s three editions to buy: Standard Edition for 50$/45€, coming with the base game and the base expansion, the Deluxe Edition for 75$/75€, coming with a few extras, including one character slot and the Ultimate Edition, coming with everything the Deluxe Edition has and 4000 Gems. I’ll buy in when they have … Continue reading One less expansion to worry about

It’s SWTOR week

For now, i’m indulging in my fickle style of “playing” just about every (major) MMORPG there is while still trying to make progress. Double XP events like the current one in SWTOR help with that. Furthermore, i couldn’t resist the recent discounts and other sales there were: i own a stronghold, i took advantage of the offer when SWTOR released the Galactic Starfighter minigame and … Continue reading It’s SWTOR week

Age of Conan – The Secret World’s previous life

Ah, Tortage. When Age of Conan released, it caused some problems for the players- namely, that it was a polished and story-heavy part of the game that didn’t translate to the later game. I never liked it. It’s a matter of “instanced” starting zones- when i play an MMORPG, i want to join the “open” world as soon as possible. Granted, in AoC, the open … Continue reading Age of Conan – The Secret World’s previous life

What to play and going buy-to-play

The recent weeks didn’t see much of MMORPG playtime. I was sick, playing singleplayer games, sick again and on vacation. I briefly considered taking an MMORPG sabbatical for some time, because right now i just feel i’m not in the mood of playing regularly. Gaming, and especially MMORPG-related gaming, tends to become so much of a focus in the private life that launching a game … Continue reading What to play and going buy-to-play